Fleet of Single car carrier for transporting premium cars. It is a flatbed carriers build on Tata 909 EX2 platform or higher version. Ground clearance is less than 04 degrees with 02 doors and 04 doors. All doors and winch are hydraulic operated with winch capacity of up to 05 tons. Rear door and flap extends up to around 16ft.



We offer reliable service to individuals as well as corporate customers to ensure timely, safe and secure transfer of all kinds of cars from the point of loading to the place of final delivery. Car being anyone’s most valuable commodity, its complete safety while loading as well as in transit is our prime concern and it is requirement of customer as well. We offer door to door car carrier service. Car is picked up from the customer’s place by our staff who are exclusively trained for handling cars, it is then transported and delivered at the destination as ordered by the customer. Cars are transported all over India by special vehicles (car carrier trailers or containerized trucks), which are covered and are specially designed to transport cars safely.

We offer most modern technology for safe transportation of cars including monitoring and tracing systems. This further ensures reliable and on-time delivery. Customer can also trace the vehicle at any given point of tim

We have single car carrier also whose ground clearance is only 6 degree and width of 2200 mm clear inner dimensions. This car carrier is fully covered. We can load any kind of car of low ground clearance with safety and ease.